Pulsation Dampener

Flowguard™ pulsation dampeners are hydro-pneumatic devices designed to remove pulsations, vibrations, and noise caused by positive displacement pumps in upstream production surface systems. Using pulsation dampeners on positive displacement-pumped systems results in improved instrument readings, increased pump life, lower maintenance costs, and lower running costs.


Pulsation dampeners eliminate the possibility of pipe fracture caused by vibration while safeguarding personnel from the risk of leaks. They also: 

  • Ensure a continuous, steady flow 
  • Remove pressure fluctuations and surges 
  • Reduce overload on pump motors and gearboxes in long runs of pipe 
  • Stop pipe vibration and shaking 
  • Reduce noise 
  • Mitigate pump over-delivery 
  • Prevent cavitation caused by poor suction conditions, long suction lines, etc.