Dispenser Unit

Installed at or near the Helideck

Includes a Filter Separator (API 1581), Water Monitor (API 1583), Flow meter and is enclosed in a weather proof steel cabinet with a Stainless Steel roller shutter door

Minimal flow rate of 225 litres per minute with a minimal fluid pressure of 2.4 barg


Pump Units

Installed within close proximity to the Fuel Tank(s), and is connected via a suction hose

Transfers aviation fuel from the Fuel Tank(s) to the Dispenser Unit

Minimal flow rate of 225 litres per minute with a minimal fluid pressure of 2.4 barg


Helicopter Refueling System

Complete turnkey Heli-Refuelling Systems are available


Transportable Tank

All Transportable Tanks are in compliance with Offshore Container Rules

2800 Litre Transportable Tank c/w Magnetic Level Gauge


Remote Control Panel

Alternative Start/Stop of the Heli-Refuelling System at a different location

Capable of full shutdown in case of emergency

Constructed in a Stainless Steel weather proof cabinet


Portable Tote Tanks’ Laydown

Water Deluge Systems include control valves, fusible plug loop, sprinkle nozzles and associated piping

Water Deluge System can be used for cooling at high ambient temperatures

Portable Laydown Skid c/w Water Deluge System


Stainless Steel Units

All Heli-Refuelling Systems can be made entirely out of Stainless Steel

Fully Stainless Steel Dispenser Unit


Customised Systems

Dual Fixed N2 blanketed Storage Tanks c/w Flame Arrestor

Customised with redundancy filters and pumps, the system is able to transfer, decant and refuel via different control valves


Heli-Refuelling Systems for Luxury Yachts and Offshore Patrol Vessels

Many modern luxury yachts carry tenders, jet ski’s and even helicopters on board, it becomes increasingly a new necessity to have on-board systems to store and dispense fuel.


Similar application can be found for coast guard services responsible for coastal defense, maritime and aeronautical search and rescue.


We have in-depth knowledge and experiences in all the applicable legislation such as the large yacht code, commercial yacht code, CAP 437, NORSOK, and many more and  strong working relations with all of the classification societies such as DNV, ABS, Lloyds CCS, RINA etc.


We can supply refuelling systems which are fully in compliance with all of the applicable legislations.”