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Rilco Manufacturing Company is a world leader in the development of pre-insulated supports and components for piping. The company began as a small pipe insulation facility in 1972 and has experienced exponential growth due to the high quality of their products, consistency of on-time deliveries, and the innovative designs of their engineering department.

Rilco pride themselves on the fact that their manufacturing processes begin in the shop with raw materials and remain in their production facilities all the way to the finished product.  This allows Rilco to customize virtually all of their products to fit your project needs.

The renowned engineering team at Rilco utilizes the latest software packages in which they create economical, yet superior quality products. The engineering department’s concise calculations and the company’s high expectation of quality are assured through vigorous testing and extensive Research and Development. Consistent production of pipe support products that not only meet, but exceed customer requirements, as well as regulatory standards, has earned Rilco its ISO 9001 certification. Meaning, Rilco Manufacturing embodies excellence in its products, processes, supplier relations, as well as in its leadership and drive for continuous improvement.

The new Rilco headquarters is located at 12700 Tanner Road, in Houston, TX. With the additional 120,000 square feet and the strategic setup of production lines, new equipment, additional space and a revitalized focus on efficient manufacturing, the concompany has doubled their current production.

Seal Control is the Authorised Exclusive Sales Representative for Rilco products in Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea and Brunei.

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