Pulsation Dampeners

Pulsation Dampeners (as known as dampers) are hydro-pneumatic devices designed to remove pulsations, vibrations and noise caused by positive displacement pumps in fluid systems.


Using pulsation dampeners on positive displacement pumped systems will result in improved instrument readings, increased pump life, lower maintenance costs, and lower running costs. They eliminating the possibility of pipe fracture caused by vibration and safeguard personnel from the risk of leaks. 


Thermal Expansion Compensators

The installation of a FlowGuard Thermal Expansion Compensator, correctly sized, will allow expanding liquid to collect into the chamber of a pressure vessel. The gas-filled membrane automatically contracts to allow more fluid into the chamber.


As the temperature falls, the compensator allows the contracting fluid to return to the pipeline – thus preventing pipeline ruptures and consequential leakage.


Pipeline Surge Absorber

The FlowGuard Surge Absorber, correctly sized, is located near the source of the problem. The internal gas-filled membrane will contract instantaneously to cushion the shock waves. FlowGuard Surge Absorbers are computer designed to alleviate energy spikes and assists with difficult pump start-ups.