Precision Air Regulators

T90 Miniature Precision Air Pressure Regulator
Compact, lightweight unit provides precise pressure regulation for space-limited applications. A force balanced pilot control maintains output pressure to within 0.05 psig (3.44 millibar) with minimal drift over time.


Type 100 Precision Air Pressure Regulator
Multi-stage regulator provides the highest level of regulation accuracy and repeatability available. Output pressure is controlled to within 0.01psig.


Type 700 High Flow Pressure Regulator


General Air Regulators

Type 300 Instrument Air Filter Regulator
This economical airset was designed to provide clean, accurate air pressure to instruments, valves, and other equipment.


Type 340 Air Regulator
Provides accurate, constant control under variable flow rates and supply pressures.


Type 400 General Service Regulator
Economical, general purpose regulator provides reliable control performance under variable operating conditions.


Electronic Air Pressure Regulators (I/P transducers, E/P transducers)

T500 Electropneumatic Transducer (I/P, E/P)
Converts current or voltage input signal to a linearly proportional output pressure. Low cost, open loop device provides accurate output for high reliability control applications.


T550X Miniature I/P, E/P Transducer
Converts a variable signal (current or voltage) to a proportional pneumatic output. Its compact housing, accessible ports and easy adjustments provide an ideal answer to applications that are space-constrained. An integral volume booster provides high flow capacity, increasing control speed in critical applications.


T590X I/P Transducer
Converts a variable electrical signal to a linearly proportional pneumatic output. The small size, light weight and immunity to shock and vibration make it ideal for use in process control applications.


Pressure to Current Transmitters (P/I transducers)

P200 Pneumatic-to-Current P/I Transducers
Field-mounted, Explosion-proof, Rack mountable and CSA & FM approved


P290 Pneumatic-to-Current P/I Transducers
Ideal for high-density and panel mounted applications


L100 Bubble Tube Liquid Level System
Precision Transmission of Liquid Level in Open Tanks


Air Relays

Type 200 Precision Air Relay
Pilot operated, multi-stage 1:1 relay with positive and negative biasing adjustment capability.


Type 250 Lock-up Air Relay
Reliability for fail in place applications of control valves when air supply drops below acceptable pressure levels.


Mite 70
Trips to vent one control signal while simultaneously locking up another.


Super Mite 71L/71H
Automatically selects the higher or lower of two input signals.


Super Mite 74
Combines a Mite 70 with a precision 3-way valve.


Mite 85
Compact unit that supplies precise air pressure regulation for applications where space is limited. This unit allows large regulator performance in a small package.


Volume Boosters

Type 600 Volume Booster
Utilizes a signal pressure to produce an output pressure with high flow capacity, that can be amplified. Signal to output ratio’s available include 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 and 1:6.


Type 650 Positive Bias Relay
Signal operated regulator that provides an output pressure that is the sum of the input signal pressure plus a preset adjustable bias. Used to convert a low flow signal to the higher flow (up to 50 scfm) requirements of an operating system.


Type 6000 Volume Booster
High flow capacity in a rugged casing.


Air Filter Regulators

Type 330 Instrument Air Filter Regulator
Provides clean, accurate air pressure to instruments, valves, and other automatic control equipment in a lightweight, compact housing.


Type 350/360/370SS Series Stainless Steel Regulators
Designed to provide instrument quality air in corrosive environments. Will also provide precise pressure control of sour gases.


Back Pressure Air Regulators

Type 700 Precision Back Pressure Regulator
Reliable protection against over pressurization


Motorized Pressure Regulators

T100M Motorized Precision Air Pressure Regulator
Precise pneumatic control by use of an electrical signal


High Pressure Air Regulators

Type 3500 High Pressure Regulator
Accurate and reliable first cut pressure regulator.