Y-Type Strainer

The Y-Type Strainer is the most common & economic type of strainer for permanent applications, suitable for mounting in horizontal & vertical pipelines.


Our Flanged Y-Type Strainers are designed and manufactured to PED/97/23/EC with end connections machined to recognised International standards such as ASME B16.5 and EN1092-1 (previously BS4504).


Major Applications

Generally coarse filtration for the following example applications: –

  • Pump Protection
  • Flowmeter Protection
  • Valve & Regulator Protection
  • Instrumentation & Ancillary Piping Item Protection


Duplex Strainer

Manufactured in a dual configuration, with each strainer having two filter chambers one on line and the other on standby allowing continuous operation and no “down-time” during maintenance. Change-over between on-line and standby is achieved by utilizing the integral valve system, controlled by a single lever.


The “FIRPLEX” Duplex

The FIRPLEX Duplex strainer is our standard cast design which utilises integral interlinked ball valves for the changeover mechanism.


Advantaged of the Barton Firtop “Firplex”

–          Ball valve system provides 100% positive seal between chambers

–          Positive 100% seal for both Liquid & Gas applications

–          Basket cleansing and maintenance whilst system “on-line”

–          Large filtration area

–          Single lever operation for safety and simplicity

–          Competitive priced within its field


Basket Strainer

The Basket Strainer, also known as Mono-in-line Strainer, is designed for the efficient removal of solid/foreign material from flowing liquids & gases.


The Quick Release ranges of Basket Strainers are manufactured to PED/97/23/EC with end connections machined to recognised International Standards such as ASME B16.5.


Advantages of Basket Strainers over Y-Type Strainers

–          Debris contained in basket

–          Quick Release closure for easier maintenance

–          Larger filtration area/Dirt holding capacity


Barton Firtop’s Basket Strainers offer a LARGER filtration area than similar strainers on the market, ensuring minimal pressure loss, improved flow-rates & greater dirt holding capacity, leading to longer service/ maintenance intervals.


Special Item Availability:

Basket Strainers are available from Barton Firtop, manufactured to order with a number of specialised requirements, often utilising ex-stock castings: –

–          Pressure ranges up to 2500LB & API 10,000

–          Special levels of NDE and material testing can be performed

–          All exotic and non-standard material ranges can be achieved


Conical Strainer

Conical strainers are designed for ‘temporary’ or short periods of operation, for example during commissioning and initial start-up periods of new or reconditioned process lines to remove any coarse debris such as rags, welding rods, pipe scale, rust etc accidentally or unavoidably present within the system.


After a nominal period of operation Conical Strainers are usually replaced with a permanent strainer of fine filtration. (Y-Type Strainers or Basket Strainers).


Barton Firtop Engineering Company Limited design and manufacture four types of temporary strainers:-


  • ‘Witch Hat’ Conical Basket Strainer.
  • ‘Top Hat’ Conical Basket Strainer.
  • Flat Disc, also known as ‘Tennis Bat’ Strainer.
  • ‘Bath Tub’ or ‘T’-Type Strainer.


We also undertake to make specials to suit customers’ requirement..


Sizes range from ¾”Nb to 48″NB with pressure ratings up to 600LB as standard and specials up to 2500LB.


Flange facings include:-

Bi-Simplex Strainers are available from Barton Firtop, manufactured to order with a number of specialised requirements: –

  • Raised;
  • Flat;
  • Serrated;

• Ring Joint, male or female.


T-Type Strainer

Fabricated “T-Type” Strainers, can be used as an alternative to our standard cast range in order to comply with specific project specifications. They are also generally more cost effective and readily available for larger sizes i.e. above 12″(300mm)NB and higher pressure.


Standard Range

2″(50mm)NB to 12″(300mm)NB

Pressure ratings up to ASME B16.5 600LB



  • Welding carried out to EN287 and ASME IX.
  • NDE carried out to code requirements.
  • Competitively priced within its field.
  • End connections flanged or butt weld.
  • Standard Red Oxide Finish.


Advantages of Fabricated “T-Type Strainers:

  • Ease of access to internal sieve for cleaning.
  • Quicker commissioning process.
  • Can comply to specific project specifications.
  • Cost effective for larger sizes i.e. above 12″NB.


Special Item Availability:

Fabricated T-Type Strainers are available from Barton Firtop, manufactured to order to suit most project specifications:-

  • Sizes from 2″(50mm)NB to 48″(1200mm)NB.
  • Pressure ranges up to ASME B16.5 2500LB.
  • Special levels of NDE and material testing .
  • Special Painting and Finishes available .
  • Exotic and non-standard materials available.